Pigment Kit developed exclusively for perfect dispersion in liquid vinyl paint Full Dip. All colors Candy Pearls are extremeadamente deep, vivid and radiant. The Nadacarado / Pearl Metallic and finish at the same same time, resulting in unique and amazing colors. Widely used in the automotive industry for high-end vehicles.

Each kit is supplied in packs of 75gr powder, enough to color a boat perfectly 4L Full Dip. The mixing can be done with electric mixer or by hand (using a simple spatula).

A white base previously recommended depending on the desired end result. You get Blase white color similar to the pictures of the product sheets results. However you can get infinite finishes with multiple combinations of base + pigment obteniedo final pitch as a function of different base color entirely used. Everything endless possibilities at your fingertips.

All Candy Pearl range is developed and certified for use with Full Dip Clear 4L.