QUICK DETAILER COATING BRIGHTNESS (ALL IN ONE) by FullCarX. Product "All-In-One" body cleaner shine. Once applied on the body of the car, it is characterized by a light coating that enhances the gloss and finish of the vehicle.

It increases the gloss of the varnish, seals it quickly, protects it by getting an antiscratch, dry clean (moderate dirt), is water repellent, can be applied on plastics, gums and crystals and applied in just 10 minutes.

Basic instructions for use.

Shake the container slightly before using the product. Incorporate a professional spray type Canyon, regulate the diffuser until a well expanded rain. Just apply a small amount in each area to be treated, spread the product with a microfiber, and remove with a dry one. Perform the process by wipes and localized parts: doors, bonnet, roof, fins ... You should quickly observe both the increase of brightness and the silky touch.

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Made in Spain by Quimicas Vila Hervas S.L.

Tel: 960649838. Email: fulldip@fulldip.com

For more information www.fulldip.com | FullDip

DyG Full Dip Colors is a registered trademark.

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