Welcome to FullDip®. We are specialized in the peelable technical paints sector focused on the automotive world. We are manufacturers and all our products are developed and manufactured entirely in Valencia, Spain.



We are a young brand, founded on the commitment to offer a revolutionary product with the best price and permanent stock due to the absolute control of the product from Spain. Years of development and research made it possible to launch FullDip® in Europe, where the possibilities of obtaining this type of product in 2012 were very limited. We knew how to read the lack that Europe had and we decided to create the best existing product in its segment, also becoming the First European Manufacturer focused on the Peelable Paints sector.

Behind FullDip® is a great human team with the best technical capabilities and extensive previous experience in various industrial sectors such as the chemical and automotive sectors. Therefore, combining technology, quality, R + D + i and the KnowHow of years of experience, we managed to develop a unique product, both for quality and for competitiveness.

We have our own R + D + i department with which we not only guarantee the best support and attention, but also our evolution is constant working and designing always under continuous improvement. Furthermore, our production system is based on the Lean Manufacturing method, which is always present in all our processes. All of our professional and personal experience has resulted in FullDip®.

Currently FullDip® is present in practically all the Continents, and especially established in Europe, the United Arab Emirates and the Countries of the North of Europe.

-FullDip® is our most representative and popular brand yet it still raises different questions; "What is" "What is it for" or the already popular "Peelable Paint" or "liquid vinyl"

FullDip® is a peelable paint that in a dry state, once applied, behaves both in performance and in appearance as a conventional wrapping vinyl, but with the peculiarity that its application is in a liquid state, that is, as a paint. It is fully reversible and can be easily removed by pulling it.
FullDip® is an innovative product and the only one fully developed in Spain under the strictest quality levels, using 100% European raw materials. Tested on systems that reproduce the most common damages such as scratches, speed impacts, abrasion, humidity and UV.
It does not damage the original surface on which it is applied and is useful for many applications such as: tires, recovery of interior plastics for vehicles, motorcycles, color change of cars and a long etcetera. There really are no barriers, it is a totally universal product and every day it is tested on new surfaces.

The range of colors and effects currently is possibly the largest worldwide, available in various formats adaptable to any need: 400ml spray and ready-to-use 4L formats, without the need for additional thinners. The FullDip® catalog includes colors in Solid, Neon, Camo, Metallic, Candy and Pearl finishes ... All of them with MATE finish. However, if you need a GLOSS finish you can always apply our specialized Top Coat (for proffesional only)

We have a great team to answer your questions, suggestions, or concerns. Do not hesitate to write an email to any of our departments and we will respond as soon as possible. If you need it, you can also get in touch via the factory phone. We will be happy to answer your request or resolve any additional questions.



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