Full Dip® is aelastic liquid vinyl similar to conventional vinyl finishes. It is completely reversible and you can easily remove it by pulling it.

Available in two product ranges, Full Dip® CAR, , specially formulated for automotive and Full Dip® EVENTS for all decorative and professional projects. These two ranges of products have different chemical characteristics for make better and smooth uniform finish, both cars, motorcycles...


Full Dip® is an innovative product and the only fully developed in Spain under the strictest levels of quality and efficiency. Tested on systems that reproduce the most common damage such as scratches, impacts speed, abrasion, moisture and UV.

Not damage the original surface on which it is applied and is useful for many applications such as tires, recovery interior plastics of motor vehicles, color change car ... and, with family Full Dip® EVENTS paintable and recover any object or piece of professional decoration.

We offer a wide range of colors available in differents formats adaptable to any need: Spray 400ml formats and 4L formats ready to use, without requiring additional thinner. Full Dip® catalog includes color finishes Dip Mate, Neon, Camo, Metallic, Pearlescent, and Gloss Reforcer. However, if you need brightness finsih you can always apply our exclusive Extra Gloss Reforcer way. And the last new in the catalogis the new photoluminescent Glow in the Dark, by day conventional color, a real spectacle in the night.


Full Dip® is a young brand, established since the commitment to offer a revolutionary product with best price and permanent stock due to the absolute control of the product from Spain. Over two years of research and development can be possible the launch of Full Dip®.

Behind Full Dip® are a great team with the best technical capabilities with extensive experience, who has combined technology, quality, R & D and the Know How of years of experience. We are the first Spanish manufacturer that sells liquid vinyl peel and one of the pioneers of Europe. Our team includes experts in marketing, engineering and product development and the most advanced technical and semi-automatic production.

We have our own R & D team which not only guarantee the best support and care, also our constant evolution is always working and designing in the development of new products. All of our professional and personal experience has resulted Full Dip®.

Full Dip® is a registered trade mark.