Electric HVLP paint equipment specially designed for professional finishing with vinyl paint Full Dip.

With the FD650 gun you will be more effective and faster. HVLP designed with a novel system that optimizes the use of paint without waste, with a very high yield.

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HVLP system by electric hot air turbine designed to minimize any potential complexity of the painting process. No prior painting experience is required to exploit all the possibilities offered by the gun Full Dip FD650. Extremely easy to use. Designed and built for DIY (Do It Yourself)

BENEFITS AND ADJUSTMENTS: Thanks to its high flow rate of 200 ml / min is achieved quickly develop applications. To this, thanks to the approved and controlled by Full Dip for perfect atomization system you get smooth, uniform finish, and without waste of paint. The nozzle is equipped with a swivel and adjustable system; from a wide range to a precise point, all proportionally adjustable. You have control at all times of opening range and orientation. Step adjustable paint precisely, by a mechanical stop easy and enjoyable performance.

MAINTENANCE - ZERO - Interior Design and HVLP system with external drives, without requiring maintenance O-rings without constructive possibility of breakage. cleaning after each application to ensure use with Full Dip, holding for a long period of time their performance as the first day will be necessary.


- Operating voltage: 220V - 50Hz

- Power: 650W -

- Motor 30,000 rpm

- Max flow: 200 ml / min

- Deposit: 700ml

- Hose length: 3,2 m

- 1.8 mm Nozzle

- Professional manufacture.