FullDip RAW RESIN. Raw natural resin based on thermoplastic polymers with a linear structure of high viscosity. Pure resin, undiluted. Raw natural resin ideal for the realization of diluted final formulas, such as insulating coatings: electrical, thermal and acoustic, as an adherent resin base and / or intermediate processes that require FullDip in PURE state.

✔️ Matte Finish
✔️ High UV resistance
✔️ Raw Resin
✔️ Capacity: 4L / 200L / 1000L


Ref. TP100 - FullDip Thermoplastic Pure Natural Resin (200/1000 liters)

Ref. TP101 - Raw Natural Resin for manufacturing FullDip Adhesives (200/1000 liters)

Ref. TP102 - Resin for manufacturing FullDip Rubber protections (200/1000 liters)

Ref. TP103 - FullDip Rubber Raw Natura Resin (200/1000 liters)

Ref. TP104 - Pure Acrylic Resin (200 liters)

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✔️ Matte Finish
✔️ High Resistance to UV and Ozone
✔️ Raw Resin
✔️ Supply Format: Drum 200L / GRG 1000L
✔️ Elasticity 300%
✔️ Compatibility with urethane or alkyd based pigments
✔️ 100% waterproof

More technical and security information on request at fulldip@fulldip.com or in the TDS available on the web