Full Dip Protect x300

Full Dip Protect x300 is the new ultra bright waterborne Full Dip. Protect x300 is considered lacquer high gloss single market detachable base and water.

Finishing very bright and clear , with a higher hardness than usual finish Full Dip. It can be used to give high gloss Full Dip, or to protect the original paint of the vehicle maintaining the original brightness.

Supplied in packs of 1 liter and has a yield per liter around 4 m2 for thicknesses of 60 microns.

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Full Dip Protect x300 require a spray gun for the aplication.

Supplied diluted and ready for use. Given its low viscosity , a nozzle of 1.5 mm maximum and low paint in each coat, especially in the first hand is recommended .

Features: Liquid Spray vinyl aplicación by which, after drying becomes a tough and durable film elastic . It can be easily removed. It can be cleaned with most soaps and resists water, mud, pressure water cleaning , etc. No cracks or peels off , with the passage of time.

For proper installation see the installation tutorial .

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