Full Dip Clear Blue Matte 4L

Full Dip Clear Blue matte finish.

The 4L Full Dip are specially designeds for full dip vehicles.Although the finish is matte you can always give an extra shine if you apply after Reforcer Gloss. 

Full Dip the first manufacturer of liquid vinyl designed in Spain. 

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Wrap, protects and changes color with matte finish. It can be removed by pulling it, as if it were a conventional vinyl.

Our long research process makes us pioneers in the liquid vinyl.

Full Dip 4L, prethinned and ready to spray. For apply correctly is necessary a paint gun.

How Full Dip 4L need to paint my car? Depends on the sizeand the base color, but we can generalize as follows: For small cars two bottles for compact three or four based on size (usually 3), and large sedans five bottles
Full Dip the first manufacturer of liquid vinyl designed in Spain.


Liquid Vinyl application means spray that once dry becomes a tough elastic and durable film.

It can be easily removed.

Fulldip can be cleaned with most soaps, and resists water, mud or pressure water Cleaning.

No cracks or peels off with the time.

See our instalation guide.

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