Steering Wheel FullCarX® Reparation KIT

The Steering Wheel FullCarX® Reparation KIT is specially designed to repair the leather steering wheel of your vehicle in just a few simple steps. Black color The Kit contains:

-Sand 400 to soften and open pore
-Black neoprene gloves
-30ml Professional degreaser, special for skins.
-30ml Matt Black Dye, water-based, special for skins.
-30ml Conditioner and sealant for skins.
-Applicator sponge
-Microfiber wipe

It can be used in the initial phases of wear or discoloration, even in advanced phases of complete restoration. Restores a simple way, in just a few minutes, any leather steering wheel. The dye used is permanent, water-based, harmless to the skin's own tissue, and quick-drying.

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