Polishing FullCarX® BRIGHT FINISH 500ml

This would be the shortest possible description of the FullCarX Glitter Polish.

The Polishing Brillo FullCarX is composed of a very fine abrasive with which a total and absolutely crystalline brightness is obtained without great effort. It provides a very hard sealing layer that protects the body for months, sealing the pore of the varnish completely. Does NOT contain Silicones.

Enhances the characteristic depth and brightness. Eliminates holograms, micro-stripes, and swirls very effectively. For maximum brightness it is recommended to use the Black Soft Sponge of FullCarX. It can be used directly on paints in good condition, or as polish of ultra-gloss finish after the steps of previous cut (with Medium Cut Polishing, or High Cut and Red Sponges)

Suitable to be applied, without interruptions, with the FullCarX 21 orbital machine or by hand with hand sponges, also by hand with our manual application kit with three sponges.

Advantages Polish FullCarX Gloss: Crystal shine, ultra effective sealing of the varnish, providing hardness and resistance. Application to machine or manual without risks of general holograms. It does not generate dust and has a very high working time performance. VERY RECOMMENDED.

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