Polishing FullCarX® HIGH CUT 500ml

Polish Abrasive high cut, suitable for conventional paints and varnishes monolayer and bilayer systems. Does not contain Silicones.

Indicated for the elimination of defects in recently painted pieces, old and / or used paints, orange peel and 2k hardened varnishes leaving a shiny finish. Polish, Clean and Shine; next to the RED Sponge of FullCarX you can very easily eliminate holograms, deep marks, even after 2000 grit sandpaper, leaving in all cases a very good brightness to be a polish of cut.

It is recommended to apply it with the Red sponge to correct, and later use the Medium Cut polish or directly the Ultra Brill Polish with Yellow and Black sponge for a really Crystal finish. The FullCarX Brillo polish provides a very durable sealant layer that closes the varnish pore.

Suitable to be applied, without interruptions, with the FullCarX 21 orbital machine or by hand with hand sponges, also by hand with our manual application kit with three sponges.

Advantages Polish FullCarX Cutting: Low filling capacity, the visual results are not distorted and are faithful to the real result that is pursued in its application, does not adulterate the result. It has a working capacity of up to 60 degrees and generates little waste. High efficiency in its application. Ideal for later to continue working with the intermediate or final step of high brightness.

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